Terms and Conditions

Article 1 - Conditions

The present conditions aim to define and inform the Client regarding information related to orders, discounts, deliveries and payments for purchases made in TrumaxX Lda Web Store.

Article 2 - Order

  1. To place an order, the Customer has two possibilities:
    1. Registering in the web store, creating a customer account and providing personal data, choosing the products wanted and finalizing the order through checkout.
    2. Order the products you want and finalize the order through checkout as a guest - without prior registration - providing your personal details.
  2. At checkout time it is mandatory to indicate the Tax Identification Number (VAT) in the field "extra instructions" for any purchase made in the online store if you want an invoice.
  3. TrumaxX Lda will honor orders received online only up to the limit of available stocks, committing itself to inform the Client as soon as possible.
  4. The data contained in the invoice is the sole responsibility of the Customer, and once issued, it cannot be changed.
  5. Orders for orders are valid for 15 days. If payment is not received within this period, the order cannot be validated. Any amount received after this date will be returned by bank transfer.

Article 3 - Discounts

  1. In the online store there are several promotions in the form of discounts on the sale price to the public. Discounts are indicated on the home page when they apply to all products, or on the information page for a particular product when the discount only applies to the same.
  2. All promotions have a specific term.
  3. Unless otherwise stated, in the case of deferred payments, such as Multibanco, TrumaxX Lda guarantees these discounts if it receives the respective payment within a maximum period of 15 days, counting from the date of completion of checkout.

Article 4 - Delivery

  1. The orders are dispatched daily, after proper payment.
  2. Products that require additional data (domain names, software versions) will be sent only after the valid collection of that information.

Article 5 - Payment and order validation

  1. TrumaxX Lda accepts the following payment methods:
    1. Credit card (Visa and Mastercard) through several credit card processors.
    2. Multibanco through the IfThenPay processor
    3. MB-Way through the IfThenPay processor
  2. In the case of payment with a credit card, the debit will be made on the Customer's card immediately after the order is paid. If some products ordered are out of stock and there is no provision for replenishing stock, the Customer will be contacted for the value of the products to be returned via bank transfer.
  3. TrumaxX Lda will use all its efforts to guarantee maximum confidentiality and security in the data transmitted over the internet.
  4. After confirmation of receipt of payment, and within a maximum period of twenty-four hours, an email will be sent to confirm the validation of the order. The email will be sent to the email address indicated by the Client when registering in the store website.
  5. Prices are understood to be in Euros (€), with taxes and fees included, taking into account the VAT in force at the time of payment of the order.

Article 6 - Returns and complaints

  1. If you want to exchange or return items, you can go to TrumaxX Lda or contact us through the contacts section within 15 days of receipt, being informed of the return process. In no case send articles without prior contact as they will not be received.
  2. The return of articles must respect the following conditions:
    1. The returned items must be in good condition (in sales condition), with original packaging and accompanied by the respective receipt or invoice.
    2. If the product is damaged or with evident marks of use, we will not be able to accept the return.
  3. If you choose to return, we inform you that orders are refunded by bank transfer.
  4. The Client may submit complaints to TrumaxX Lda on the contacts section, with a maximum period of 30 days after dispatch of the order.

Article 7 - Terms of Responsibility

TrumaxX Lda will not be responsible for any inconvenience or damage caused to the Client by using the internet network, including service disruption, external intrusions or anomalies caused by computer viruses.

Article 8 - Intellectual property

  1. All content in the webstore is the intellectual property of TrumaxX Lda, and cannot be copied or reproduced, except to the extent strictly necessary to allow its online reading.
  2. Texts, images, illustrations, photographs, brands and other elements of the online store are protected by law.
  3. Customers who have a website on the Internet and wish to place a link directly to tour web store must request authorization from TrumaxX Lda.